Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)

Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)
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Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)

You know better that the most important asset of the organization or group you are in charge of is your customer. Customers who are aware of different marketing paths to your collection and after completing their journey, are attracted to the collection and buy or use your services. Effective customer relationship management at any stage of the journey can lead to profit and maximize it.

In fact, profitability in any company requires effective communication management with customers.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a software that helps you to collect and record all customer information from various communication channels such as website, phone call, email, social networks, exhibitions and business events and each of its specialized channels with You have contacted to get a better understanding of the position of your organization in each of these portals and to optimize this position if necessary.

It also gives you the opportunity to accompany potential customers with timed and consistent follow-up on the purchase path to increase their conversion rate to actual customers.
This software allows you to identify individual customers, identify their concerns and needs, and categorize them according to the routine specific to your collection.

It is obvious that the way customers buy in any organization is different from the type of industry and internal strategies of that organization and requires a comprehensive and special system. At Atlas Breeze International Group, we help you manage the communication between you and your customers in a safe and efficient environment by designing, implementing and supporting a comprehensive customer relationship system. 

Some of the features that can be provided by this system are:

•    Ability to enter and record registration, tax and specialized information related to different customers
•    Ability to categorize customers based on job categories and guilds
•    Ability to categorize customers based on the stages of their journey from arrival to contract
•    Ability to categorize customers based on business model or legal ownership
•    Ability to send tickets, report and comment
•    Ability to define the project and specify job tasks and refer to relevant people
•    Ability to create a variety of digital marketing campaigns and connect to the web service
•    Creating diverse databases of different industries, their products and brands in the process of organizational market research

With the help of customer relationship software, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the organization under your command and enable the optimization of marketing, sales and long-term profitability.

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