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There is generally more than one way to answer the question, "What is a web service?" There is more than one answer but, basically, web services include any software, application or cloud technology that uses standardized web protocols such as (HTTP, HTTPS) to interact, communicate and exchange data using XML (Development Markup Language). Provides across the Internet.

Web services are actually XML-based data exchange systems that use the Internet to connect and interact with different applications. These processes include messages, data, information, and documents.

A key feature of web services is that it allows the exchange and interaction of data from different applications between users and different servers. Applications that may be written under one programming language or even different languages. Relying on the same feature, our group  is ready to provide the following services to you and the organization under your command.

•    Providing a variety of web services based on common XML protocols (XML-RPC, UDDI, SOAP, REST)
•    Affiliate services with the establishment, support and maintenance of web services
•    Services available through the Internet or intranet
•    Standard XML messaging system
•    Providing services independent of the specific operating system or programming language
•    Provide a dedicated API associated with each web service provided and ...

The key to our success is investing in skilled and expert team With the ability to provide a variety of solutions to professional challenges.

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