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Your brand identity is shaped by how you communicate with your customers and audience. Showing and instilling differences in expertise and business processes to the audience is one of the main missions of marketing and branding. This distinction can be seen at first glance from the apparent difference in the design and transmission of information in your communication portals with your customers.

Thinking differently in website design requires following principles in the process that are reviewed as follows:

  • Unique and exclusive design of templates for each customer according to the type of business and their organizational identity
  • Not using ready-made and general templates
  • Creating and developing Content Management Systems
  • Launch data and page management panels in a completely dynamic way (Admin Panel)
  • Ability to define multiple users in content management with different access levels
  • Ability to support several different languages
  • Flexible design with all smart devices and screens (Responsive)
  • Design based on standards of taste and user experience (UI-UX)
  • Ability to develop a website based on new capabilities required by the customer after design (scalability)
  • Ability to connect to a variety of web services, data centers, payment gateways and ...
  • Ability to set up on a variety of servers and even client internal servers
  • Dedicated websites with the above specifications are designed by collection experts at three different levels.


Basic or Level One Websites
First level websites include information and introduction websites that are designed and implemented with the following capabilities for your personal or organizational business.

  • Collection introduction pages, business introduction pages, introduction of managers and members of the organization (introductory pages)
  • Announcing ways of communication with the organization, including address, telephone, smart map, branches and agencies, etc.
  • Links to related websites, social networks, etc.
  • Presentation place and introduction of products and services
  • Photo gallery, videos and pictures
  • Ability to chat online with visitors
  • Manage information on the home page (sliders, hits, statistics, etc.)
  • Register a website in Google and also connect to the Google statistics bot to increase the ranking and also access the website statistics
  • Ability to display your social network posts (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.) on the website automatically
  • Implementing contact forms, employment and ... .


Ecommerce websites, directories and online sales platforms or second-tier websites
At this level of website design, in addition to all the features mentioned in level one, the following features will also be available to fully assist you in managing your business sales systems.

  • Manage visitor membership and manage site members information
  • List of products by specifications with the possibility of offering prices separately
  • Ability to provide physical and virtual products (file sales)
  • Manage and display inventory and files
  • Design and implementation of bank and intermediary payment gateways
  • Ability to choose different payment methods
  • Ability to manage product submission via Location
  • Manage suppliers and track and track shipping
  • Ability to communicate with SMS and email panels
  • Possibility of integration and communication with organizational warehousing and accounting systems
  • Various discount, promotion and special customer management systems
  • Designing the possibility of wholesale sales to agents and bankers
  • Ability to manage different suppliers and provide a special panel to them
  • Examine the buying and selling process from suppliers to customers
  • Provide complete sales reports, customer behavior, products and ...
  • Implement a special purchasing process based on the type of product or service
  • Connect to web-based intelligent shipping services such as courier and post
  • Possibility to consider central or regional warehouse inventory to send goods from different branches
  • Ability to integrate online sales and face-to-face sales intelligently
  • Ability to post comments per product


Business process management panels and information exchange with customers (enterprise portals)
Nowadays, the speed of access and the possibility of exchanging information on the web space is a basic demand from your customers. This need is met by designing special process-oriented engines for each organization or business in Atlas Breeze complex, and by using this feature, many operator costs in your organization will be reduced.

In designing corporate portals, along with all the features reviewed on level one and two level websites, we provide special features to your business and customers that will turn your website into an integrated business process control application.

Here is a list some of these features.

  • Design workflows on the web
  • Ability to fully exchange information between the customer and the organization in the portal space
  • Ability to bill and manage receipts and related payments
  • Documents and information loading panels by customers
  • Complete implementation of the organizational work cycle in order to completely eliminate paperless interactions within the organization
  • Providing specialized solutions in the fields of supply, marketing, sales, etc. in organizational portals
  • Technical and specialized advice for designing and implementing various organizational processes
  • Manage customer problems and complaints and ticketing systems
  • Storage and analysis of data (big data) and the possibility of providing intelligent business reports
  • Design of process-based web applications in the form of (PWA) for mobile phones with the ability to run on Android and IOS operating systems

At Atlas Breeze International Group, we provide specific and distinct portals of communication between you and your audience by scrutinizing your business situation.


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