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Before designing your own website, depending on the nature and needs of your business and organization, we need to decide on a few points that are the background of website design:


One of the key factors in branding a business is choosing the right concise components in introducing the personality and brand identity, including the name, logo and of course the domain or the name of your website. 

together :
•    We choose and buy the best form from common domains such as .com, .ir, .net, .co, .tech,… according to your brand or,
•    Choose the right domain with the name and type of your business with specific extensions or extensions of different countries and,
•    Register the domain exclusively with your details and in your name and, 
•    We will provide you with a dedicated control panel to create and manage an unlimited number of corporate email addresses.


It is often overlooked that the success of a website design is strongly influenced by proper storage, accurate processing, and the ability to have quick access to data. The so-called web storage is a powerful computer that will process and access your information. This computer or server based on the space allocated to your website and the communication bandwidth it provides to visitors, will determine the level of performance of your website.

We are by your side:
•    We will provide real and virtual dedicated servers with high processing capability and speed based on the needs of your website and,
•    We will be with you in the process of choosing the right internal or external server and,
•    We will provide you with unlimited bandwidth for simultaneous access of visitors without the hassle of over crowding and,
•    We provide you with as much data storage space you need on this server and,
•    We will support your website information and data with the latest equipment and methods to ensure you do not lose a single byte of information.
•    The backup operation is automatically implemented on your hosts on daily, weekly, monthly, etc. routines, and
•    We will provide security against unauthorized access to classified information on your website through hardware and software protection, and
•    Provide cloud systems for a stable and direct access to your website and information at any time and place,
•    If the audience is widespread, we will create support server services for you in different geographical areas. (Content Delivery Network)
•    We will also install security certificates (https) for you.

The key to our success is investing in skilled and expert team With the ability to provide a variety of solutions to professional challenges.

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