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Network Security

In today's insecure cyber environment, your organization needs a degree of network security solutions to protect itself from the growing threat of globalization, regardless of the size and industry in which it operates or the infrastructure it uses. Simply put, network security is a set of rules and configurations designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and access levels of computer networks or data through the use of software and hardware technologies.

At a time when just a few minutes of inactivity can cause widespread disruption and huge damage to an organization's revenue and reputation, it is essential that network protecting measures be implemented by an expert and experienced team.


Atlas Breeze International Group offers a range of network security solutions that, in addition to centralizing and simplifying complex processes, ensures networks security throughout your organization. Some of the services that can be provided in this area are:
•    Technical security controls over stored or transmitting data
•    Organizational security controls over the management of employee access levels and how to authenticate them
•    Anti-virus and anti-malware services
•    Firewall protection
•    Virtual Private Network Services (VPS, VPN)
The key to our success is investing in skilled and expert team with the ability to provide a variety of solutions to professional challenges.

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