Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Voice Over IP (VOIP)
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Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Today, various agencies and organizations in our country and in many countries of the world, have resorted to making calls using a network platform called Voice Over IP (VOIP) or IP-based telephone, which in addition to having many advantages over the Central Call Center, in long run will also reduce costs.

Some of the benefits and features of using Voip service are as follows:

  • Optimal use of bandwidth,
  • Ability to create telecommuting conditions, unlimited internal numbers, digital fax system, record all calls free of charge and use additional equipment
  • Increase the quality of conversations
  • Free in-network telephone calls (between branches of the organization inside and outside the country)
  • Possibility of holding audio and video conferences
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Support all current telecommunication facilities and even provide new services with very low cost and high ease of implementation
  • Transfer multiple calls at the same time on an internal telephone line
  • There are also countless other possibilities that confirm the need to replace this technology with old and traditional conversation methods.


Atlas Breeze International Group is ready to provide all the mentioned services, relying on the successful and valuable experiences gained in the field of design, installation and commissioning of computer networks, especially VoIP technology in various organizations and organs in a safe, secure and efficient environment to offer customers.

VIP technology is the future of telephone calls. Do not let your business live in the past!

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