Insurance & Inspection

Insurance & Inspection
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Insurance & Inspection


In the process of exchanging and transporting commercial goods; industry owners, traders, and actually the nature of foreign trade in general faces many potential threats and risks.
Also, the development and expansion of global trade volume and the movement of goods and cargo by various methods of sea, air, land and rail, buyers, sellers and shippers to include the necessary insurance coverage in their transactions and take their responsibility and insure against the transfer of goods.


Atlas Breeze Logistics Group is ready to provide a variety of services:
• Civil liability insurance (according to the provisions of the CMR Convention on Road Transport and regulations on other methods of transport)
• Provide freight insurance for imported, exported, transit, etc. goods according to the type of goods, product value, and their sensitivity to various risks factors.



Trust in the quality, quantity and standards of the goods purchased is one of the most important challenges facing the companies operating in the international field and traders and merchants.
The answer to this problem and the elimination of this need in the establishment of commodity inspection companies to eliminate the discussed concern.

These companies have the ability to provide various services, including:
• Inspecting the authenticity of a foreign manufacturer or seller
• Inspection during construction
• Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)
• Inspection during transportation and loading of goods
• Inspection during unloading of goods (strip)
•Inspection of goods subject to standard in terms of quantity and quality and packaging with the conditions in Perfrum (COI)
• Inspection and issuance of certificates confirming the quality, capacity and price of Proforma at the request of the bank (IC)
• Inspection and sampling of domestically produced units and unions
These companies meet the needs of various traders and industries in this area.

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