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Distribution of products means making accessibility to products in market and is among the challenges of every producer and final consumer. This increases the importance of the improvement of the process of distribution more than ever. Every organization selects distribution path and channel to deliver products to customer based on its strategies. Distribution channel may be completely simple or complicated which is determined depending on organization’s strategy and the type of product.    

Distribution process is consisted of three parts: packaging, transportation and delivery and doing each of them correctly is effective on more efficiency of product distribution and branding and better selling the product. 

Suitable distributor is someone who is able to represent services with the highest quality and be able to distribute products with the highest speed, accuracy and at the right time. This is possible with complete equipment and tools such as packaging, warehousing and inventory management system, transportation machines suitable with the type of product and also just-in-time system. 

Atlas Breeze International Group: after years of experience in logistics industry in Iran and abroad, it is able to manage different distribution channels and different products distribution and suggests the best distribution channel with the highest performance suitable with your organizational strategy and the type of product and takes the full responsibility of the distribution process by using the best equipment.

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