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Logistics management
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Logistics management

Logistics in a conceptual sense is to ensure the right placement of seven desirables: the availability of the desired product, in the desired quantity, with the desired quality, in the desired conditions, in the desired place, at the desired time, at the desired cost.

One of the serious concerns of economic activists and owners of goods (including manufacturers, traders, startups, service providers) is the way how to deal with and manage the services they need logistically, such as transportation, warehousing, customs services, packaging, distribution, ... Which imposes significant costs on them. In addition, logistics brings high risks and uncertainty for the owners of goods. This concern is doubled the atmosphere of uncertainty ruling in Iran, where, unfortunately, the logistics sector is not well-structured, and small and large players are scattered and disordered.

This has led to some recent measures which are taken in recent years to develop logistics management in countries and leading companies in the world, including the emergence of third-party logistics companies (3PL) and fourth-party (4PL) that all or a part of the logistics affairs of the production and service organization is outsourced.

Atlas Breeze International Group understands this need, in order to address the logistical concerns of economic activists and has provided the possibility of offering services related to the entire supply chain management, including transportation, warehousing, and everything in motion with the approach of a fourth-party logistics company. The company manages resources, technology, and infrastructure to design, build and provide cost-effective supply chain solutions. In this service, Atlas Breeze Group, considering its extensive expertise, knowledge, and communication in the field of domestic and international logistics, and on behalf of the customer and the owner of the goods, identifies the best logistics service and introduces it to the owner of the goods. It undertakes and provides the desired logistics service with the lowest cost in the shortest possible time and at the most appropriate quality.


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