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Rail Transportation
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Rail Transportation

Rail transportation, as the most eco-friendly and one of the most cost-effective modes of transportation, is used to transport high-volume cargo through the rail network and on a larger scale than land transportation, and on a large scale significantly reduces transportation costs.


Rail transport top features like less fuel consumption, higher safety in transportation, less transport costs, higher transport capacity, environmentally friendly transport, higher reliability and less dependence on climatic conditions have driven traders and economic operators to be of more importance and has gained more attention than consideration.


Proper development of Iran's rail network and the accessibility to most important centers of production and consumption in the country by rail, has made rail transportation as a preferred mode of transportation in Iran or through Iran (transit).


By using experts in the field of railways, Atlas Breeze logistics team can take charge of the best methods of rail and combined transportation, as well as the full management of deliveries and deliveries of customers' goods.


Atlas Breeze International Group, a member of the eco- friendly community, is ready to provide a wide variety of rail transportation services as follows:

  • Covering all international routes throughout China and CIS countries
  • Rail transportation services for all kinds of export and import
  • Rail transportation services for all kinds of imported goods
  • Wagon tracking affairs
  • Providing bogie replacement services
  • Supply and delivery of wagons suitable for transporting bulk goods, fuel goods, minerals and perishables

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