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Air Transportation
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Air Transportation

Air transport is known to be the safest, fastest way to transport strategic and valuable cargo. Cargoes such the ones that their shortage ends in production line stoppage are used in fairs, or goods that the country faces their shortages and need for immediate use and supply, or the ones that a high value of them must be transported and available in the shortest possible time.

Years of experience in providing air services and recognizing the challenges facing businessmen and economic activists have made Atlas Breeze logistics team capable and specialists in providing integrated air services to domestic and foreign merchants. Our partners, along with an extensive network of air carriers, have made it easier for us to manage time and air traffic challenges and increase our focus and oversight of air cargo (whether normal or special).


Atlas Breeze International Group has the possibility of renting a full cargo plane (chartering) due to its extensive connections with airlines according to the customer's needs. Aircraft chartering enables you to take control of your business and manage sensitive goods or flights to remote areas by providing a shipping fleet according to your budget to any destination in the world.

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