Road Transportation

Road Transportation
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Road Transportation

As historical studies show, roads have long been the main link between communities and traders, and this fact has not changed by the passage of time. This method of transportation is used as a relatively fast and affordable method at a relatively low cost, especially for transporting a wide variety of goods between cities and ports of a country, as well as between countries that have road connections.


Atlas Breeze International Group is licensed to provide road transport service (Atlas Breeze International Transportation Company) and knowing that road transport is an integral part of providing door-to-door transportation services for all businesses of all sizes; is ready to provide road transport services to all parts of the world by its expert team at the request of the customer in a completely customized and special way.

To reach the latest target, various available road transport services offered according to the volume, weight, dimensions and nature of the goods are as follows:
• Regular full or less than full truckload service from/to all over Europe and Turkey directly
• Full truck load (FTL) service in the form of transportation
• Express & transportation service in groups
• Over-size cargo transportation services
• Service for transporting perishable goods by refrigerated trucks

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