Rail transportation

Rail transportation
Domestic Transportation

Rail transportation

About 15% of the shipment of the goods in the country is done by rail, which is a  total sum of more than 40 million tons of goods per year.
Among the available services provided by Atlas Breeze International Group in the field of rail transportation are:

• Rail transportation services for all types of transit goods
• Rail transportation service for flat and bulk wagons
• Rail transportation services of fuel by tanked wagons
• Rail transportation service by short edged wagons
• Rail transportation service of minerals by long-edged wagons
• Rail transportation service of perishable materials by refrigerator wagons
• Gravel rack transportation service
• Car wagon service


By cooperating with the most prominent railway companies and the specialty of its experts, Nasim Atlas International Group has the ability to provide rail transportation services and offer consulting services to select the best wagon to suit the transported cargo.

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