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 Payment Solution
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Payment Solution

One of the things that any legal or natural person in the field of international trade should consider is the discussion of financial solutions and their sub-areas. Insufficient attention and knowledge in this section leads to inefficiency and loss of the organization or the businessman.
Financial solutions refer to those cases and issues that involve the solution of some of the financial challenges of internationally active enterprises or smaller person-centered businesses.

Challenges in this area include the following:
Funding for the creation or development of business at the transnational level: These resources are provided through various methods such as trade credit, bank loans, loans from commercial financial institutions, and various other methods.

Risks in trading with foreign companies: Political, legal, exchange rate, no-payment, shipping, and other risks that threaten the nature of international trade.
Terms of payment in international transactions: Depending on different factors and the degree of trust of the parties of a transaction, different payment methods like cash in advance, open account (future payment), deposit (draft), letter of credit (LC) and other methods of payments are on the agenda of traders and economic actors.

Currency transfer systems and mechanisms: Due to the conditions of sanctions and numerous problems in the field of currency transfer, in addition to banking methods, which are the main but inefficient method at the time of sanctions, other methods such as exchange through the exchange, PayPal, WebMoney, Swift remittances and even digital currencies and other mechanisms can be used.

International financial documents and guarantees: Issuance of valid financial documents and bank guarantees such as mutual guarantees, prepayments, good performance and other valid guarantees in the field of foreign trade.

As a result of the valuable experience gained in this field, along with the variety of solutions offered to different unions and as well as the integration of knowledge in accordance with the latest financial studies in the world Atlas Breeze Group is ready to be an experienced and capable consultant with guilds. Be different and make them needless in terms of financial services and solutions and methods.

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