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The need for goods transit has increased the need for specialized domestic and international transit more than ever.
Among these, various methods of transportation and their differentiation in comparison to one another in varying geographical, identical, and legal statuses determine the priority in their use. Domestic and external transit has been one of the most important methods of transportation used among economic activists and the necessity in their use will be determined aligned with the conditions of the destination country, both in terms of route and laws.

Domestic transit means the shipment of cargo from one domestic customs (source) to another domestic customs (destination) within the same country. This means that the non-customed consignment is transported to other customs in the same country for clearance without breaking the seal and clearance at the port or border customs. One of the reasons for choosing this approach is the access to a special warehouse or access to better clearance conditions available at the destination customs.

External transit is used when the commercial goods must pass through another country to reach the destination country. According to the importance of passing timing which is determined by the customs, the expertise and dexterity of the service offering company are truly important and determining. At the entrance and exit, a full inspection is conducted and any opening of the seal and exit of the goods or possible addition of goods to the passing cargo is considered a violation and would be smuggling.

The importance of external transit for Iran is high owing to the mass number of landlocked countries (which inevitably have to meet their export and import needs through countries which has access to open waters) are in Iran’s neighborhood and Iran is the best access route to sea transportation.
Goods passing through the country under the name of transit won’t be considered as definite imports and exports and are exempt from customs duties, commercial interest, and duties, but are subject to customs duties and will be subject to the related provisions that would be true unless there is some sort of agreement regarding government’s transit contracts with other countries.

With years of experience in the field of transit procedures and benefitting from familiarity with the customs procedures of Iran, Atlas Breeze International Group has the required licenses and is the best business partner with you. Our Experts are beside you according to the prevailing conditions, with precise timing and the use of the best operational forces and in accordance with the updated rules, so that you can have a worry-free experience for the transit of your cargo.

We offer our responsibility, confidence, and a good sense of cooperation to our customers along with our services.

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