International Trading

International Trading


We put in great effort to find the best suppliers and prices by providing a list of qualified suppliers, service providers, and price levels with an analytical report of the pros and cons of each of these suppliers. This service allows you to make a completely smart international purchase.

Import & Foreign Purchasing

getting the best possible deal and achieving a good working relationship with your suppliers. We specialized in promoting deals and bargaining with foreign suppliers, controlling the issuance of documents and related trade procedures.

International Marketing

If you believe that your business or products have potential of entering the international markets, let us chart its course. Our team has extensive experience in new market research and identifying the target markets where your business might be successful.

Customs Formality & Clearance

Wherever you need customs expertise regardless of amount or location، our specialists provide a full range of customs clearance consulting and brokerage services to ensure that all your customs formalities will be carried out in the best way.

Payment Solution

Foreign purchasing of goods and services should be based on global purchasing policies and procedures. our experts offer different solutions during the settlement of your foreign purchase accounts to minimize the risk of capital and financial costs.

Insurance & Inspection

By minimizing payment-related risks, our specialists make high-quality foreign purchases for you. We use a full range of tools in the field of international insurance and inspection to ensure that your purchase will be done in the best way and boost your productivity.