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The Reality Today

When the first company of Atlas Breeze Group was founded back in 2010, we had an objective to render a different and comprehensive services to industry’s active members for their all organizational requirements. Soon we realized that this framework initiative was not quenching our customers’ desire for a quality service in all respective aspects and is far from international standards. After encountering this fact, our team of experts entered a comprehensive research program in various fields of trading, organizational needs and business services to cover all the weaknesses which had been affecting our activities in its genuine sense. The result was the establishment and putting into practice of an advanced organizational structure capable of satisfying all our customers’ needs, addressing all their requirements with a single unified custom solutions package based on forefront technologies.

After taking this factor into consideration, we managed to obtain the necessary permits from the respective authorities, building an effective organizational apparatus backed by the assistance of a specialized team.

The final result was the birth of Atlas Breeze Int’l group comprising of 7 independent legal entities.

Our Services

In any business that you are active in and with any structure that you continue to operate in your organization, there are components that are not the main goal and expertise of your business and organization, but strongly affect the result of your efforts. These components, called (supporting functions), may take up more than half of your organization's time and cost, while it is not possible to focus on these factors as the main specialty and will avoid the main goals of the organization. Atlas offers you all these factors at the highest standard level in the world and in a simple and flexible format.

We are supporting these factors for you under the following services:

Logistics Services:

  • Contract Logistics (3PL & 4PL)
  • International Transportation & Transit
  • Express Courier
  • Domestic Transportation
  • Warehousing & Inventory management
  • Inbound Logistics
  • Distribution & reverse Logistics

Trading Services:

  • Sourcing
  • Payment solution
  • Import & foreign purchasing
  • Customs formality & clearance
  • International marketing

Information Technology Services:

  • VoIP
  • Computer Networks
  • Network Security
  • Data Analysis
  • Website & Portal designing
  • Software & Automation

Organizational Services:

  • Human resource management
  • Account management
  • Meeting & Events
  • Education
  • Market Research
  • Performance Evaluation & Diagnosis of organizations

Due to the variety of providing services, we would be grateful if you could contact our Marketing experts in order to become more familiar with the capabilities of Atlas Breeze Int’l Group or to fill out the form below to receive consultation.

Why Us?

Your success is our success. We established Atlas Breeze Group of companies based on this philosophy. That is why the key principles and values of our company ensure that whatever we do brings success for both our employees and our clients.

Transparency: Our genuine openness between supervisors, employees and clients; to build collaboration, cooperation and collective decision making.

Diversity and teamwork: The diversity and culture of sincere teamwork in our company encompasses race, gender and ethnic groups. We enhance customer trust and have very high employee retention.

Exceptional customer service: While some companies believe that their work ends as soon as they address a customer’s concern, Atlas Group's customer services experts go the extra mile to leave our clients with a remarkable impression. Our team are genuinely solution driven and empathetic individuals who believe that customer service is an ongoing effort. As a result, our customer service and our company are synonymous with exceptional, every time.

Modern technology: The ability to integrate multiple platforms, greater security, reduced costs, ease of scalability and the removal of geographical boundaries are just a few of the key advantages that modern technology has on trade and logistics, all of which bring mutual gain in our profession.

Flexibility: The start of any collaboration with Atlas Group is a holistic approach to our customer’s logistics processes. We are committed to creating smart solutions and individualized concepts that are tailored to your specific requirements, without negotiating our principles and values.

Partnerships: We firmly believe that traditional work relationships are not sufficient and our aim from the start has been to create long lasting partnerships built on mutual trust. Increased market shares, improved delivery services, inventory reductions, improved quality and shorter product development cycles are just a few of the mutual benefits partnerships bring to the table.

Leading with knowledge: Our business is only as good as our people, which is why we heavily invest in ongoing training and development for all of our employees. You can be assured that you are dealing with experts in their field who have the most up to date knowledge and training to assist you every time.

Mission Statement

The growth and development of your business organization depends on financial and time investment on your main goals. Atlas Breeze Group, by providing comprehensive and comprehensive services of organization’s supporting functions services & business administration, invites you to focus on the main expertise and goal of your organization and business. All the supporting factors in your business and organization are provided to you in an integrated manner in accordance with the structure.

We transfer expertise to you. Expertise that spend time and money on them will take you away from your main goals.

Vision Statement

Atlas Breeze is the foremost strategic and international group of companies that all reputable international market leaders approach when expanding their business with Iran. Furthermore, we are the gateway for Iranian industries and traders who are eager to integrate within the international market.


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