Trade Documentation


The transport document represents the freight carrier’s commitment to transport the merchandise to a specific destination. It is of great importance as it represents the contract of the carriage, containing the conditions that pertain to the transport transaction. With air transport it is known as an ‘air waybill’ and with ground transport it is known as ‘consignment note’.

Atlas group experts understand that the transport document can be noted as the single most important document in foreign trade. The importance of this document is extensive as it allows the elected nominee to claim the goods at customs, makes careful observation of the conditions of the contract and indicates that the merchandise has been delivered without damage. Our experts know that without this document, there would be considerable delays in customs which in turn would bring higher costs for clients.

It is crucial that clients select a company with in-depth knowledge of the trade documents. Atlas Group has years of experience and will ensure that all items on the transport document from the issue date, description of merchandise, weight and volume, payment terms, corresponding signatures, consignee information and key notices are all included.

If you want your foreign trade to run smoothly, Atlas group is the company of choice. Our team have the necessary expertise to execute your trade with impeccable service.