LCL Services


It can be challenging to decide which shipping method to choose in order to maximize profitability for your business.  Key factors such as optimizing freight costs and flexibility in delivery time need to be taken into careful consideration. If you have less than a full container load for an entire shipping container, then LCL transport is the best option for your cargo.

Atlas Group of experts is one of the regional leading LCL service providers. With our extensive network of freight stations, we offer the possibility of combining multiple consignments from multiple customers in one FCL, which gives our customers the benefit of consolidating their goods with other consignees to maximize space usage and reduce overall costs.

Our specialists continuously evaluate trade growth to strategically direct our LCL services to key market hubs, giving our customers more options to choose to transport their goods globally. In addition, this allows our customers with lower volume shipments access to the economies of scale in ocean transport that are normally only available with FCL services. By managing our shipments end- to end, we can maintain control of the processes involved and consistently ensure high standards of service. Atlas Group successfully extends the reaches of smaller operators and complements the networks of larger freight forwarders.

Below are some key advantages of choosing LCL:

  • Flexibility
  • Most cost effective for consignments
  • More cost effective than air freight
  • Optimized logistics spending
  • Benefit of door-to-door service with high levels of reliability