Atlas Road Breeze


Atlas Road Breeze is a subdivision of Atlas Ocean Breeze which originally concentrated on the demand hire market. However, we did such a remarkable job in this area that various companies have now given us a number of permanent hired vehicles. We proudly manage an extensive fleet of vehicles from crane trucks to extendable semi- trailers which has placed us among the top 5 leading transport companies in Iran.

Atlas Road Breeze team’s fleet of vehicles are equipped with GPS and Android/IPhone units to ensure that your goods are traceable at all times. We provide live ‘real time’ electronic POD (Proof of Delivery), online web booking and track and trace facilities. In addition, all our drivers are dressed in smart uniforms and our vehicles carry our banner, making us us easy to recognize in the work place, which ensures a professional image when representing your company.

Our fundamental goal is to understand your business and provide customized transport solutions that include an authentic approach to customer service, competitive rates and a proactive approach to meet your expectations. Atlas Road Breeze has been built with specific detail when employing the best sub contactors, company drivers and staff. We are confident that we can offer your company a complete business transport solution with our wealth of industry knowledge.