Personal Effects


Personal effects service is very different from handling typical commercial goods or products. Relocation can be a stressful and challenging time for individuals and families. It can also be very challenging and time consuming if not handled correctly.

Atlas Group specializes in worldwide personal effects packaging and removals. We will provide you with a house survey, which is followed by a detailed quotation. The next steps are for you to focus on settling abroad whilst we handle all your packing and relocation with our expertise. Your personal effects and household items will be shipped either in exclusive containers (FLC) or shared used containers according to your individual requests.

Whether you are looking to relocate small appliances and personal goods to heavier machinery, our customs specialists have the expertise to handle all of your noncommercial goods. Thanks to our established networks, we are knowledgeable about the type of documents necessary. This ensures your possessions are expedited and delivered to your new home timely and securely.

Some of our services include:

  1. Safe and cost effective packaging material
  2. Special handling of vintage and antique items
  3. Offering secure warehouse space until you have settled into your new home
  4. Offering custom tailored service
  5. Offer low rate excess baggage rates via air freight
  6. Door-to-door service