Truck Services


Throughout history, roads have connected people and businesses to world markets. The trucking industry handles more cargo than ships, planes or trains. Basically, without trucks, goods could never travel from their initial location to ports, airports and rail yards. It is crucial then to help protect and develop the road industry.

Atlas Group understands that businesses of all sizes depend on the trucking industry to maintain flexible schedules and deliver products safely across the globe. Through the operation of our professional and versatile carriers you can rely on us for all of your importing and exporting goods. From general cargo to specialized industrial/ agricultural equipment to hazardous goods and out of –gauge cargo, we offer bespoke solutions for all your needs.

In addition, our road transportation services are temperature controlled and heavily regulated, meeting all customers’ requirements in terms of regulations, quality of handling and security. With one of the widest integrated networks in our region, Atlas Group offers both international and domestic solutions.

We offer competitiveness and reliability through the following services:

  1. Optimized routes and managed dispatching
  2. Daily groupage services from Turkey
  3. Flexible groupage services from other destinations
  4. FCL/LCL