Human resource management

Human resource management
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Human resource management

1.    Employing and selecting human force: 
The most key mission of an organization is the employment of human force that despite being considered simple, it is a complicated and very challenging process. First, it screens individuals after needs assessment based on organization’s strategy and with the full recognition of organization’s values and selection criteria. Then, it selects the most suitable individuals by doing standard tests suitable with the considered job to fully recognize them morally, personally, considering the level of knowledge, adaptability and... .

2.    Training and development:    
The first stage of training after employment which is called socialization includes identifying job, organization and staff. Therefore, it is necessary to plan job description and a report from the introduction of organization and its units and organizational culture that new force can use it. Also, it is important to train organizational forces to improve the level of knowledge and also increase human force efficiency in the path of organization development which needs codified and precise training planning. 

3.    Performance management:  
Human force performance management is based on organizational objectives and by defining key indices of performance and behavioral indices and has a meaning beyond performance assessment which is focused on weak points and is in fact one of the stages of performance management. A manager gets precisely informed of his organization’s conditions and status through monitoring and assessing human force performance and he may have a correct recognition of the existing status to better plan for his organization’s future and the improvement of personal and organizational performance.    

Skillful Atlas Breeze Group allows you to control the human force efficiency of your organization by outsourcing the responsibility of human resource management in different fields including attraction and employment, training and development and also performance management through planning, software design and performance management networks with the highest quality and step to improvement.
We guaranty an employment with the highest efficiency for you by doing employment and training stages and accompany you as a consultant in all stages for better training and development.

Also using performance management software has been particularly designed by human resources team of Atlas Breeze according to your organizational objectives is very important to better assess human resources. Simply and rapidly reporting and preparing statistics and information by such software increases the decision-making speed of managers and shareholders.

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