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 Break Bulk Cargo
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Break Bulk Cargo

Naming a group of goods into bulk goods is because of high tonnage and lack of packaging in their transportation. These types of goods are shipped in tanks appropriate to the type of goods. This group of goods is divided into two categories: solid bulk goods and liquid bulk goods.

Solid bulk goods:
In general, any dry goods such as grains and cereals and dry powdered and rocky goods such as minerals, soil, and rocks are solid bulk goods.

Liquid bulk product:
Any liquid product such as milk, oil, petroleum, gasoline, and gasoline derivatives that must be transported in large volumes by special tanks and loaded and unloaded through large pipes is called a liquid bulk product.

For the transportation of bulk cargoes by sea, a special type of commercial ship called bulk cargo is used, which plays a major role in moving the cargo in the world. Proper loading and distribution in the ship's warehouse are some of the most important points of this method of transportation.

Being an experienced specialist in the field of logistics and mastering all aspects and differences of transportation methods compared to specific groups of goods and items, Atlas Breeze International Group is by your side to transport any type of goods without any worries. We are ready to provide you with complete services for any dry and liquid goods with the cooperation of expert trading partners in transporting bulk goods.


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