Import & Foreign Purchasing

 Import & Foreign Purchasing
International Trading

Import & Foreign Purchasing

Foreign purchase and subsequently import of goods and services, as an economic solution are fulfilled in the following conditions:
• Lack of technical knowledge and limitations in facilities and technology
• Lack of resources and raw materials in order to produce goods and services
• Lack of economic efficiency and the inability of domestic products in competitivity
Foreign purchasing is a process in which the buyer imports the goods produced by the manufacturer after identifying and evaluating the best sellers or their representatives in different countries. In the meantime, negotiations on price, quality, shipping conditions, payment methods, and other provisions of the purchase contract are of great importance and the quality of handling these discussions guarantees the buyer's profit from the transaction. For years, Atlas breeze Group has been taking steps to benefit from the expertise and experience of the up-to-date approaches of providing services in the field of foreign purchases and imports and has been trying to clear the existing challenges from its customers as much as possible. Services that can be provided are classified as follows:

- Process of negotiations and common bargaining in trade, international purchase, and sale of goods:
 Atlas Breeze Professional Negotiation Team, is backed by spotting the interests and business goals of customers and relying on listening skills, effective verbal communication, team negotiation, problem-solving, decisive decision and the ability in written and oral negotiation, is on your side to increase the profit and benefit of business And economic activists are taking steps.

- Management, supervision, and issuing the commercial documents:
At each stage of the foreign procurement process, our team is responsible for managing, informing the customer, and overseeing the issuance of documents such as pre-invoices, invoices, certificates of origin, certificates of weight and other related documents.

- Formalities and obtaining import licenses in Iran and the countries of the transaction:
From receiving the registration of the order for the final import of goods to obtaining other permits and performing the formalities required for temporary entry, transit and other import systems to Iran and the countries involved in the transaction, all are planned and implemented by Atlas Breeze Trading Team.

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