Break Bulk Handling


As its name indicates, break bulk cargo is anything that cannot be containerized and must be loaded individually into pallets or cartons. Break bulk also includes machinery and other oddly shaped items, which leads to increased handling, additional equipment and personnel, which result in higher levels costs and risks of damage. Therefore, it is crucial to have a break bulk specialist to assist you with this service.

Atlas Group team of specialists use their extensive knowledge, skills and reliable carriers to ship any sized cargo to and from any destination in the world. Regardless of what your cargo is our specialized team have the right resources, skilled people and systems to ensure that your goods arrive swiftly and securely to its destination.

In comparison to containers which usually travel from point of origin to their destination without any disturbance, break bulk cargoes need to be handled at each transfer in their mode of transportation. Atlas Group experts will track and supervise your cargo at every bulk- in – point to ensure high levels of security. Our success is quite simple; despite your challenging project we create a worry free experience which you will remember.

The key features of our services?

  • On site management at origin and destination
  • Heavy lift and abnormal loads
  • Surveys of suitable (routes, ports, political climates)
  • Port storage facilities
  • Competitive rates