Logistics Service

Logistics Service

International Transportation

Design, implement and execute appropriate and efficient international transportation methods and strategies, based on type of goods and nature of relevant business, from express transportation of samples to vessel chartering.

Domestic Transportation

Time, cost, security, and internal fleet challenges are key issues in the inland transportation of goods and materials; advanced process management structures, control points, and implementation processes will enable us to manage this area, which is always in crisis.


Regardless of which border or domestic customs your goods have been unloaded, if you want to clear the goods through another domestic customs or you even want to take the goods out of the country, you can benefit from transit services in Atlas breeze.

Logistics management

Integrated management of raw material flow from the supply point to production warehouses, inventory control, in-house logistics, optimization of product distribution process through intelligent control systems and reform models of demand and supply chain.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Coordinating the inventory control process, with the lowest costs and bottlenecks, managing current and future inventory needs, supporting service levels for domestic and foreign services, Increase the maximum and minimum visible inventory in the supply chain.


Not only distribute your products across the market, but also significantly reduce your logistics costs by implementing a process management system as well as scheduling smart distribution hubs across the country.

Express Service

Your small packages from shipper place (origin) will be delivered at destination in the shortest possible time using the special air service and fast customs clearance (Express Service) of Atlas breeze .

Break Bulk Cargo

Full & partial chartering of bulk carrier to carry essential goods and high-volume cargoes under the supervision of internationally renowned experts in the most well-known ship owners’ clubs with full coverage of liability and cargo insurance.

Special Transportation

We specialize in transportation of large, super-heavy, dangerous or perishable cargo that cannot be stored, loaded and moved in standard transport conditions and equipment and requires special facilities for loading and unloading.