Atlas Cargo Breeze


Atlas Cargo Breeze is a subdivision of Atlas Ocean Breeze consisting of a team of licensed customs brokers and certified customs specialists. We have a team who are dedicated to their clients irrespective of the volume and type of services provided to them, whether it is a long-term contract, one-time service or consultation.

The excellent reputation of our company and compliance with international standards confirm our status as a professional customs agent. We provide premium services which cut through the red tape and ensures that each cargo will be processed and delivered as soon as possible and the most economical and reliable way.

It is our belief that personal contact cannot be replaced by telephone technology. As a result we have implemented an in- house 24/7 live, highly trained reception team who will promptly answer and direct all calls, urgent or non- urgent to the appropriate operations department.

The fundamental goal of our company is a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation between Atlas Cargo Breeze and our foreign partners, which is key to the successful development and prosperity of your business.