Industrial Relocation


One of the biggest challenges that companies face during an industrial relocation is the immediate consequence on their turnover. Customers expect to have their products on time all of the time. That is why it is essential not to take any risks when choosing a logistics company to relocate you.

Atlas Group have a designated team who understand the complexities of an industrial relocation. We fully understand that due to the complex nature of our service our role is to operate alongside a larger team of other specialists, who can assist you with overseeing this project before, during and even after your move. If your factory has to temporarily close down for a relocation, you need a guarantee that your production line will be running again quickly and efficiently. Our team have the experience and certified logistics training to ensure this happens.

Atlas Group are equipped with all the necessary specialized equipment in order to execute such operations skillfully. From a variety of cranes, hydraulic jacks to mobile hydraulic gantries coupled with our qualified staff who are certified, we can respond to all of your individual needs promptly and professionally. Heavy duty specialized skills

A brief overview of the process of our service is highlighted below:

  • Specialized transportation
  • Warehouse management system administration
  • Vendor management
  • Specialized equipment to relocate safely
  • Full line removal, relocation and re- installation
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment and machinery installation