Door-to- door service


Door-to door service ensures a direct flow of goods from the origin to the final destination.

Amongst all the different varieties of shipping options on offer, door- to door is the simplest you can choose from that still ensures your shipment is secure without any added hassle.

Atlas Group offer door- to- door logistic services for customers who want to simplify their logistics management. With our team of experts, we offer reduced costs and minimize the risk of product loss and damage so that you can focus on your own business. We handle all of the complexities related to international shipping which makes importing and exporting more convenient for our customers.

The moment the shipment leaves your front door, your work is done and our experts take over.

With no hidden costs or concerns about customs and other legal documents, you will save on valuable time and energy. From small private loads to large industrial plants, our company will ensure that your shipment is completely secure.

Our door- to- door services include:

  • Door- to- door and port- to door services from shipper to consignee
  • Reliable and quick transit times
  • Licensed customs experts
  • Streamlined processes which prevents multiple carrier costs
  • Integrated services which include freight transportation, labelling and packaging
  • Preparation of transport documents