Rail services


According to recent research the global rail logistics market will be valued above $210 billion by 2021.The rail industry has developed new levels of proficiency, sustainability and economy that can directly impact your own supply chain. If you chose the correct company, rail transport can be a competitive and flexible way to transport your goods.

 The incorporation of industrial production in emerging markets creates newer transportation challenges. Atlas Group is the perfect solution if you require a service that is faster than sea and cheaper than air. Our clients range from oil and gas to agricultural and consumer commodities all of whom we provide strategic solutions to, allowing competitive trade with key areas such as Asia, Middle East and CIS countries.

 Our services consistently provide high levels of safety, with stable rates and delivery reliability.   We have access to all common container types such as Reefer Container, Garment Hanger Container, Open-top Container, and offer our normal door- to door service for your specific needs. In addition, we offer other extensive services such as, customs clearance, packing and stripping consolidated containers.

Atlas Group is an environmentally- friendly solution yet still offers key advantages such as:

  • FCL
  • LCL
  • Covers all domestic routes
  • Covers all international routes throughout China and CIS countries