Container Services


It can be argued that NVOCC form the largest trade maker in the container shipping industry. They add great speed and significance by consolidating small shipments into a range of containers to meet individual needs. The value of working with a fully licensed NVOCC is priceless as they are considered by some to be the most important stakeholders in the logistic chain.

Atlas Group is a fully licensed NVOCC consolidator, which enables us to offer you multiple carrier options and shipping options. We are a company that takes great pride in our long term partnerships with our clients and carriers. Client satisfaction always comes first and that is why regardless of your needs, we offer a customized and professional range of ocean freight services to meet your needs.

In addition, we have dedicated container depots for the storage of empty containers. This strategy, coupled with our COC and SOS, strengthens our relationships with main lines and enables us to offer customized solutions to all our clients. Through the operations of our NVOCC, we also offer alternative solutions for any urgent cargo to ensure that deadlines are consistently met at cost effective prices.

We don’t sell a rate- we sell a service, which allows us to negotiate favorable shipping rates with vessel operating carriers for our customers and provide you the shipping container you require. Below are our available container options:

  1. Open Top Containers
  2. Platform Containers
  3. Flat Rack Containers
  4. Out of Gauge
  5. Dry Storage Container
  6. Tunnel Container
  7. Refrigerated ISO
  8. Insulated or Thermal
  9. Bulk Shift